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Hally is a happy, active Chocolate Lab. She is 11 years old and the pet of Kelly S. This past winter Hally slipped on the ice and began limping on her front leg. Kelly took Hally to the veterinarian. She was given doggy ibuprofen. It helped some but Hally still limped. Another trip back to the vet and Hally was given another drug but it made her sleepy. Kelly didn’t like that his pet was drowsy all the time and still limping. He had heard some good things about acupuncture. He went online, Googled it and found Dr. Christine’s website. After reading several of the testimonials, he called to make an appointment.

Hally was treated with chiropractic, acupuncture and Magna Wave therapies. Kelly noticed a difference in Hally after the first treatment. They returned for a 2nd appointment and Hally is back to running and jumping in the park. Kelly admitted he doesn’t have time to do the stretches Dr. Christine suggested but Hally takes lots of walks. Kelly has noticed Hally is no longer stiff or sore and acts like she is five. Kelly operates his own business and often takes Hally to work. He reports that Hally is almost too active for the office. The results seen in Hally have been “amazing” and Hally’s “quality of life is dramatically better, that’s what I was looking for” says Kelly.

Kelly also tried the Magna Wave on his shoulders while holding Hally during her treatments. He noted that his shoulders feel much better.


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