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Last fall I purchased a 19 year old retired rope horse that I wanted to use on trails. He is a registered paint but looks all Quarter Horse. His name is Neo. My best friend had him since he was 3. She has been roping on him all the time that she owned him. I was finally able to purchase him and knew that there might be some problems with him because of the age and the year’s team roping on him. I took him to the shoer and found out that we couldn’t trim his back feet because his back hurt so badly. He would not let us lift up his back legs.

I knew about Dr. Christine Woodford from a previous show in Cedar Rapids at Kirkwood. She had helped my horse when he tried to colic at a horse show. I contacted her and she has helped Neo improve tremendously. Neo would not lay down because it was so hard for him to get up with his back out. He now lies down with no problem and is able to get up much better and walk off. The shoer is able to pick up his feet now and trim him. He runs and plays a lot more than he used to and you can see that he is feeling much better now.

Every time Dr. Woodford worked on Neo, you could tell how much better he felt. There wasn’t so much pain in his eyes like before. When Dr. Woodford was working on him to relieve those areas, he would lick his lips every time she had done something right for him. It was so funny and a relief to know that the chiropractic treatments were working for him. He now backs out of a trailer much better where before he had to be turned around because he couldn’t back out.

Horses are a lot like people. They need to have yearly maintenance done on them just like humans. We, as humans, sometimes have to have those adjustments ourselves. It is very important to have the chiropractic treatment done to make them comfortable and perform the best for you so you can enjoy your ride.

Thank you Dr. Christine Woodford for taking care of Neo and Carla for being so helpful in scheduling the appointments and any questions I had. Your name VIP does say a lot because you are treating everyone like a Very Important Person.

Looking forward to the trails and enjoying the summer with Neo and friends.


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