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Two years ago I was having some problems with my barrel horse, Orville. I came to Dr. Christine and she treated him with chiropractic and acupuncture. It really helped him to relax, stretch and help pin point some other issues. He was working well and feeling great. I wanted to keep his great attitude and winning streak. I bring Orville in monthly to keep him feeling and working to his fullest potential. When Dr. Christine purchased the magnawave I incorporated it into our monthly maintenance. I believe the magnawave is his favorite! After a treatment, I drop the lead rope and his head is down and he is almost sleeping!!!

There are times when I am on the road for weeks at a time. I can tell when Orville gets sore, his performance decreases and we do not win prize money. One phone call and a visit later, he is back winning again! Dr. Woodford is a huge part of our success in the WPRA. I am currently leading the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association, Great Lakes Circuit and it couldn’t be done without Dr. Woodford’s expertise! Orville has proven to me that monthly and sometimes more treatments are a huge part of my success. Horses can’t give their all if they aren’t feeling 100%.

I would not have the success in the IRCA, URA and WPRA without the help and expertise of Dr. Woodford.
Natalie Foutch & “Orville” Maggies MoonFire.
To read more about Natalie and Orville check out the wpra website : http://www.wpra.com/circuit_new_gl_director_message.asp

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