Penny and Reno


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Penny, our 8 year old AQHA/APHA mare, was diagnosed with navicular syndrome at age 5. From the initial diagnosis, Dr. Christine has been an integral part of our strategy to manage the disease, alleviate the pain and slow the progression. We believe in the application of traditional veterinary medicine as well as alternative therapies to address not only the pain and lameness in the navicular area but also the secondary symptoms that show up in her back, shoulders, and poll. Dr. Christine can identify these sore spots and administer effective chiropractic treatment resulting in a horse that is more comfortable and willing. The stretching exercises she taught us provide additional therapies to use at home in between treatments. Both Dr. Christine and I have observed Penny is a different horse now than when she first began chiropractic treatment 3 years ago. She’s a sweet little mare with a big heart and a willing attitude – with Dr. Christine’s help,she remains active in our ranch horse activities.

Reno is our one-in-a-million, been there/done that gelding. Throughout his roping and ranching career he’s never taken a lame step but for one morning last year when he came out of his stall with an ever so slight drag of his right hind foot. Fortunately, Dr. Christine was going to be in our area the very next day and I was able to double up on our already scheduled appointment for Penny. Sure enough, Reno had thrown his back out! With just a couple of chiropractic treatments, Reno was back in action and hasn’t had an issue since. Thank you Dr. Christine!

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