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Theresa Wilson and CH KOTUR’S Riche and Royale I did it! I bred the most competitive conformation French Bulldog I’d seen in years in just two generations. KOTUR’s Riche and Royale is as close to the written standard as any Frenchie I’ve seen. He has a classic head, substantial bone, the perfect Frenchie silhouette, and beautiful movement. I knew when he was an eight week old puppy that this was my national specialty competition dog.

In one unthinking moment, when he was a seven month old pup Royale slipped and severely wrenched his back while I was considerately washing off his fanny in kitchen sink. Although I knew something was wrong, the damage was not immediately apparent. Later that day, the local vet misdiagnosed Royale with stomach upset. At 3:30 AM I packed him up and headed for the specialist four hours north.

Royale had all the classic signs of a severe back injury. Conventional treatment consists of enforced rest, anti-inflammatory drugs, pain medication, muscle relaxants, and tranquilizers to keep the dog quietly resting. We followed this protocol for 16 weeks. Then, Royale could walk but was chronically lame and sore compensating for the pain in his back. I was determined to explore alternative treatment to get this dog sound again. I remembered speaking to a woman at a local show that operated a canine fitness center. I found her card and made contact.

Mary and Mark Erschen, owners of FidoFit in Dubuque took up my quest to get Royale fit again. Mary detailed a strengthening routine and connected me to Dr. Christine Woodford, certified animal chiropractic and acupuncture, who makes routine visits to see canine patients at FidoFit.

I was blown away by Royale’s response to our very session with Dr. Woodford. Her use of the powerful combination of chiropractic adjustment, muscle work, acupuncture and the magna wave provided immediate results. Royale limped into FidoFit and trotted out bearing weight equally on all fours. It was obvious to me that these synergistic treatments were the ticket to relieving his pain and restoring function.

Mary supported Royale’s recovery by teaching him to swim and do the strengthening exercises. Dr. Woodford worked her magic using all the tools in her wellness repertoire. Royale got stronger and stronger.

Long story short, I’ve attached one of the photos of Royale’s recent wins at French Bulldog Club of America’s National Specialty show under esteemed judge Michelle Billings taken in Portland OR. Royale swept the Bred-By-Exhibitor classes under two different judges and was awarded the coveted Best Bred-By-Exhibitor dog in show!

No one in Portland could truly appreciate these wins like our team at VIP and FidoFit! I am so grateful we found Dr. Christine and Mary and Mark Erschen to help us achieve these prestigious wins, competing with the best French Bulldogs in the country. Do I look proud of this beautiful dog?

More importantly, Royale is the perfect example of what having the right intention, doing the right therapy, combined with the right strengthening work can do for a severely injured dog. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Dr. Christine for your help in restoring this beautiful dog back (pun intended) to his full potential!

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