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We wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the outcome of our visits. As you know, our 13 year old, female, Dachshund, Emily, had been having serious back issues for 3 months. These problems lead to a significant loss of control of her back two legs. This impacted her ability to walk as well as go to the bath room. It also caused her a great deal of pain.

We spent a considerable amount of time (4 visits to our Veterinarian) and expense over the 3 month period. Our vet prescribed several medications for her. We needed to give her 3 pills, twice a day for several months. Although we saw some improvement, it was marginal and did not return her to a more normal life style. It was even discussed, at times, that if she did not experience a significant improvement in mobility and quality of life, that our options were back surgery (approximately $3,000 – $5,000) or even putting her to sleep.

As you can imagine, either courses of action were very unappealing to us. Our vet also suggested that we try acupuncture, and referred us to your office. So, we brought her to you based on that suggestion. All we can say was “Wow”. Emily had returned to about 75% of her normal mobility after the first visit. Then, after her second visit, she seemed to be back to normal. It was very clear to us that she was not only more mobile, but pain free. She was back to darting around the house and outside. The funny curvature in her spine was gone and she was back to her usual “antics” (like most food driven pets!).

We can’t thank you enough for your help. The treatments made the difference and were very affordable, especially compared to what we spent on numerous vet visits and courses of meds. We have decided to put her on once a month treatment regime as we truly see these as “preventative” from a reoccurrence of the back problem.

Thanks so much for your discovery of the novel treatment and your ability to administer it in a positive, low key environment that is easy for our dog to handle.