On Sept ember 20, 2017 Coco accidentally got closed in the garage door. She was rushed to the vet, and fortunately did not have anything broken but did not have use of her back legs. She had feeling in both hind legs and her tail. Her tail had movement! We brought her home with anti […]

Lily the Pug

Dr. Christine has been instrumental and a true angel to our precious pug, Lily, who is going on 18! We were sent home in September, 2018 from a local vet’s office with the guidance that Lily would slowly fade away and there is nothing more they can do. Not settling for that answer, and with […]

Bijou Walking Again!

Our dog is a five year old standard poodle that mysteriously became ill and paralyzed in her front legs. After two days of expensive emergency care without a diagnosis, we were told by ER vets that in order to diagnose and treat her further, an MRI or CT Scan would be required. Estimated at between […]

Gino is back to eating and yawning without pain

June 3 2020 Our 10 yr. Old Papillion was unable to chew or yawn without yipping. Dr. Christine recommended 3 treatments. The results after the second treatment were remarkable. Our sweet boy Gino is back to eating and yawning without pain. Thank you so much for your gift of healing.

Our 5 year 70 pound

Our 5 year 70 pound black Labrador Retriever has been suffering with seasonal allergies for 3 years. This year when the spring allergy season was over he was still itching. Traditional antihistimine did not help. Dr. Christine has been treating Shadow with acupuncture treatments and herbal supplements since July 2017. December 1, 2017 Shadow stopped […]

Dr. Woodford is the Best!

Dr. Woodford does such an amazing job. She really cares about the animal and it’s health.  I love how she treats your horse or dog just like its one of her own! She is willing to give suggestions on how to help and improve your horse. She always remembers the horse when she comes back! […]



Our four-year old Labradoodle, Lucy, was diagnosed with mild arthritis in her front elbow and continually limped on her front leg. We tried anti-inflammatory and pain medications and yet she continued to limp. Because of her young age, I was concerned about keeping her on medication to alleviate her discomfort. I heard about Dr. Christine […]

Toby and Sola

Toby and Sola

We have two Shih Tzu dogs, Toby and Sola. Toby is 14 years old and Sola just turned 8. A few years ago Sola was having pain in her back and hind legs, we took her to our veterinarian and they gave her pain shots but when the shot wore off she would be back […]

Vegas, Joey, Rhett and Ruby


VIPsvet is very fortunate to be able to treat Lindsay’s whole critter family! Lindsay first came to visit us for saddle fit issues and now brings all her horses for at least a yearly adjustment. Lindsay believes all her horses ride much better when maintained by Dr. Christine’s adjustments. She also does stretches for them […]



Kathy first sought our services in May of 2016. Beth suddenly was not placing well at the shows. A judge noticed Beth’s back was not flat. Kathy came to see Dr. Christine for treatment. Beth responded well to treatment and is back to winning in the show ring!