Bijou Walking Again!

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Our dog is a five year old standard poodle that mysteriously became ill and paralyzed in her front legs. After two days of expensive emergency care without a diagnosis, we were told by ER vets that in order to diagnose and treat her further, an MRI or CT Scan would be required. Estimated at between 5,000.00 and 7,000.00 for the scan and possible surgery, we could not afford this option and were discussing end of life measures for our dog.

With no other options, a friend recommended Dr. Christine Woodford. Dr. Woodford adjusted Bijou’s back and administered acupuncture along with a pulsed electromagnetic field (Magna Wave) treatment.

When we feared the worst for our beloved family dog, the treatments Dr. Woodford gave Bijou had her getting up and walking within 48 hours. It was truly unbelievable. Dr. Christine has been a God send and we are grateful for her service!

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