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My name is Elyse Buysse and I am 15 years old. My horse AJ is a 7 year old buckskin gelding. This is my 5th year of showing horses. This winter I participated in the Kirkwood Community College Student Saddle Club Winter Series horse shows at the Iowa Equestrian Center sponsored by Abraham’s Equine Clinic. There were 5 shows that I went to competing for a new saddle. I almost didn’t get to go to 2 of the shows, but I wound up getting to go and it all paid off in the end. At the last show I was only winning by only 2 points on the first day and by the second day I was ahead by 6 points. We had a pretty good day our 2nd day and I wound up winning the saddle by 17 points. It was a great feeling to win something like that. I had great support from my family, my trainer and her family, and from friends that I had met through showing at these shows.

Last winter AJ had a really bad leg injury and was given a very small chance of ever walking again and an even smaller chance of riding or showing again. Christine Woodford used magna wave therapy and acupuncture on him to help him heal. This winter I showed at the Iowa Equestrian Center winter horse show series and at the 4th show we noticed that he was having trouble eating and he was not acting himself. When I went up to the show ring for western classes he was acting really mad and was throwing a fit, it seemed like he was in pain. We looked at his mouth and felt his teeth, which were really sharp. We talked to Christine and she came over to our stalls to check them out. After the last day of the show she floated his teeth and after that you could see a huge difference in the way he acted and ate, he was a happy horse again.

Thank you for the wonderful support from Wilson Performance Horses for your great instruction and guidance keeping AJ and I fit, trained, and performing our best. Thank you Dr. Christine Woodford for making AJ feel better. Thanks to the Kirkwood Saddle Club for putting on the fun winter open shows and Dr. Charles Abraham for donating an awesome saddle!

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