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“We are so grateful to Dr. Christine for saving our dog’s life. Last fall, our vibrant and energetic, 8 year old Border Collie, Amy, had become very weak. She was not steady on her feet, could not walk up or down stairs, and had to be fed lying down. Her head was tilted to one side and was stuck in that position. Her quality of life was declining and it broke our hearts seeing her this way. We thought of having her put down if she didn’t improve. A friend suggested we find a chiropractic veterinarian to treat her. I did an internet search and found Dr. Christine and made an appointment. Dr. Christine’s techniques helped Amy and improved her quality of life in one session. Amy regained her strength, could walk well, and could move her head. It was a miracle. She was no longer a sick dog. She now is able to run and play like she used to. We continue with monthly maintenance treatments to keep Amy feeling good. Dr. Christine, thank you so much for bringing our precious dog back to life.”

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