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In March of 2012, our 13 year old Maltese / Miniature Schnauzer dog, Chance, started experiencing problems walking with his hind legs. His legs would slide apart when he would stand. He started walking with a “hump back” and he was obviously experiencing discomfort.

We took him to our local vet. After x-ray and evaluation, our vet stated the area of Chance’s spine where the rib cage support of the spine ends and his hips begin, was arthritic.  In his expert opinion, Chance was experiencing sciatica type nerve pain which was causing him to lose sensation in his hind legs. The only option our vet suggested was regular usage of Rimadyl. I wasn’t willing to give, or keep Chance on this drug, so I asked our vet if he thought Chiropractic care would benefit Chance. Our local vet said it was definitely worth a try.  He gave me the name of a veterinarian he had gone to school with.

Christine Woodford, DVM was his former classmate. I immediately gave Christine a call and she was able to see Chance within a week of his diagnosis. Christine gave Chance a chiropractic, acupuncture, and magnawave treatment two times the first week. After the second treatment there was IMMEDIATE improvement. Chance then had a weekly treatment with Christine for the next couple of weeks, and he began taking the Petthrive product Christine carries. Within a month, Chance was back to normal, and has never experienced a return of his original symptoms.

We continue to take Chance for treatment with Christine about every 6-8 weeks, because we believe it promotes his overall health. Chance will be 15 years old in October 2013. He even keeps up with his 7 year old dog sibling, Lucy Lou.

We have recommended Christine to friends who have used her services for their fur babies.  They have realized the same success as Chance has.

I 100% recommend Christine’s services, simply because THEY WORK!


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