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I got Captain about 5 months ago. He is a 9 year old off the track Thoroughbred. Captain had about 2 years off before I got him, since then he has been put back into heavy work/training. I could tell he was having back pain and was very sore. He was pinning his ears back and tossing his head at the sight of his saddle. Before Captain’s 2nd appointment with Dr. Woodford, I spoke with Carla about trying acupuncture along with his adjustment. To be truthful I wasn’t quite sure how or even if the acupuncture would work but it was worth trying to make Captain less sore. Captain was so incredibly sore when Dr. Woodford began working on him. He was kicking and balking out. I had never seen him like that. When she was done adjusting him she began the acupuncture. Captain was such a trooper throughout the entire process and Dr. Woodford let me know step by step what she was doing and how he may react. After an exciting 20 or so minutes of acupuncture I turned him out in our indoor arena. He ran and then rolled repeatedly. He felt so good. He was so much more relaxed then he was before she began working on him. A few days later, I put him back to work. I can’t even begin to describe how great he felt. He is moving better, picking up his canter leads and using his entire body unlike before. Tacking Captain up has become a much more enjoyable experience for us both. I cannot thank Dr. Christine enough for what she has done for my guy in just two visits. He is a much happier horse and I am thrilled with how much he has progressed! Thanks again!

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