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Fly is an 11 year old mare that I compete in Barrel Racing.  Fly and I starting barrel racing in 2015 and had a great first year. The fall came and we gave her the winter off.  When we started conditioning her in the spring we noticed that she was not her normal self. She was tripping in her hind end and not driving from behind.   At the first few shows of the season she was not running her fastest and didn’t feel like she was comfortable.   I have known Dr. Christine for many years and never had a need for her services until now.  I called her up and let her know what was going on and she said to bring her in for an evaluation.  Our first appointment she worked on Fly for over an hour.  Dr. Christine was very patient.  She also diagnosed some hock and stifle issues which we were able to take care of.  Fly was unsure of what she was having done to her but after a while you could tell Dr. Christine was getting the reaction she was looking for.  Fly started licking, chewing, and yawning, which Dr. Christine said are good responses.  As the year went by we continued to bring Fly back about every month for adjustments and you could tell Fly really liked going to her appointments! We could really tell throughout the year the difference it made getting her adjusted.  I feel it has made her a better athlete, more comfortable, and she is able to do her job better!   Dr. Christine is very knowledgeable and she really has a passion for getting animals feeling comfortable and pain free.  I would recommend anyone that is competing in any event to have Dr. Christine help your animal become a better athlete and a better performer.  We look forward to this year and having Dr. Christine continuing treatment on Fly and our other horses!


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