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Dr. Christine adjusted my Rocky Mountain Horse, Lucy, at 3G Stables in Ames. Lucy slipped going down a hill on a trail ride in August and strained her right chest/shoulder. A month later Lucy appeared sound and had been working well, But I still didn’t think she was back to herself yet. The chiropractic adjustment made a big difference in her. When I got home she was playful and mischievous. I thought she was walking better. I knew for sure when my husband Kelly saw her that afternoon and said her walk is back. She has this free moving panther-like walk and that’s what had been missing. I think it really shows how important chiropractic adjustment can be. To anyone looking at her she looked and moved normal and was willing to do her job. But it was obvious she needed your expertise and has regained greater flexibility and comfort. This journey with you has shown me how valuable chiropractic can be with your horse who may not be showing any outward signs of pain or discomfort. Just think if Lucy and I did something competitive, we’d have an edge!Thanks so much for doing what you do.


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