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My name is Mary and my husband and I own FidoFit in Dubuque, Iowa. FidoFit is a structured daycare and boarding facility featuring an indoor canine fitness gym with pet specific equipment. Our gym services are enjoyed by dogs of all ages, sizes and abilities. It was thrilling for our business when we met Dr. Christine Woodford. She presented two workshops at FidoFit. The first workshop was a Dog Owners Workshop. The second workshop was for area veterinarians that offered them continuing education units. What a great opportunity for learning! It was fun meeting veterinarians and pet owners who share similar interests in pet care. Dr. Woodford then added the bonus benefit of scheduling monthly appointments at FidoFit. Our clients greatly appreciate Dr. Woodford’s services. Mark and I also utilize Dr. Woodford’s services for our own pets. Our two geriatric Boxers, a three year old Boxer, and a two year old French Bulldog. The have all benefitted from chiropractic, acupuncture and Magna Wave therapy for athletic maintenance and specific age related issues. Our most memorable experience of Dr. Woodford’s services was for my husband’s Wheaton Terrier, “Tchaibowsky” (Bowsky). Bowsky, 12 years old, was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Our veterinarian, Dr. Bergfeld, at Key West Veterinarian Clinic, suggested adding Dr. Woodford’s services while continuing care with her clinic as well as a 24 hour specialty clinic in Cedar Rapids. Hearing Dr. Bergfeld’s recommendation for Bowsky, I recalled witnessing the remarkable comfort measures and quality of life that Dr. Woodford provided a pet owned by one of our clients, June Hass. June had an Airedale named Lance. Lance was diagnosed with the same type of cancer. We immediately scheduled Bowsky for his first appointment. He responded well to chiropractic, acupuncture, Magna Wave therapy and a change in diet. Several months past his cancer diagnosis, Bowsky developed Idiopathic Vestibular Disease. Symptoms of unknown cause and sudden onset are most commonly seen in geriatric dogs. Symptoms include loss of balance, staggering gait and tilted head. I began to research this disease. Ironically, the same week Bowsky presented symptoms; I saw a television clip featuring this disease. All the sources related that there is no known medical veterinary treatment. Some of my books, newsletters and the television clip mentioned acupuncture could provide relief for some dogs suffering from this condition. Dr. Woodford targeted Bowsky’s next acupuncture for the issues specifically related to his Idiopathic Vestibular Disease. Bowsky’s symptoms resolved immediately after acupuncture. His head tilt did not disappear but was greatly improved. He offered Dr. Woodford a shake off and play bow in thanksgiving! Bowsky continued to see Dr. Woodford monthly while living a happy quality life, nine months past his cancer diagnosis. Bowsky passed February 9, 2014, sleeping with his head on the same pillow as his beloved “dad”, Mark. Thank you Dr. Woodford for the care you provided our precious Tchaibowsky (Bowsky). Your care improved his quality of life and provided obvious comfort measures well past his predicted prognosis.



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