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Around the end of May, 2012, our Cocker Spaniel, Maggie developed an immune-mediated disease. Her little body began attacking itself. She went from walking 5 or 6 half mile trips around the block to barely making it to the end of our street. We were lucky that we caught it in time but the treatment of Prednisone caused her to almost double her weight. She was had renewing signs of energy when her right hind leg went limp on a walk. I picked her up and rushed her to our vet and they determined she had an ACL, (anterior cruciate ligament), or knee injury in terms that I can understand. Their resolution was to have surgery as soon as she would be strong enough to handle it.

We had had a Cocker Spaniel before and she had undergone acupuncture with excellent results. We were determined to see if we could locate someone that could help her while she was still recuperating from the immune disease. We were fortunate enough to locate Dr. Christine Woodford. She performed acupuncture, magna wave and chiropractic care on her. Maggie responded well and on one of her check ups with her regular vet, they had forgotten all about her leg until I mentioned it to them. They were impressed with the results.

Fast forward to this summer. We were looking forward to a normal summer this year, but Maggie needed to have a growth removed on a front paw. Again while recuperating, she injured her other hind leg with the same prognosis as the other. One treatment later with Dr. Woodford and Maggie was up and going on all fours again, better than ever. I was amazed since she could barely toe touch when Dr. Woodford saw her. I think even Dr. Woodford was amazed. It’s great to see her running around again, just as fast as ever. This is truly a miracle and we are thankful that Maggie responds so well to the care that she administers. We definitely want the best of care for her and are thankful that we are able to find noninvasive care that works and is reasonably priced too. Thank you Dr. Woodford and Maggie thanks you too.


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