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Last year at the World Show, we got down there and Roy just wasn’t quite “right”. I had called my husband the night before my main class and said I didn’t think I’d get him shown as he was not feeling himself. It’s a lot on these horses (trailering for hours, being rode a tad more than normal, standing on cement, no turnout, etc) and I didn’t blame him for hurting. But I chatted with a few people and they said I should have Dr. Christine look at him. So the morning of my class, she worked in him and later that afternoon he was 4th overall in a very tough hunt seat class! It was the best ride I had ever had on him. We are heading down again to the world show in a few weeks and I have already set an appointment with Dr. Christine for him. I won’t do that again to him. We all work too hard and he always gives me 100% so I owe it to him to make sure he’s in line and ready to show.

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