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I can’t begin to describe the change in my 11 year old corgi, Tess, since beginning to see Dr. Christine at the start of February. I took her to Dr. Christine because I had run out of options for a good quality of life with traditional veterinary care. She was extremely overweight from long term use of steroids due to back pain and a low thyroid. She had seizures that medications were not controlling and had lost most of the use of her hind end due to several spinal cord strokes. Euthanasia was the option several vets suggested after running out of things to try. She was in the ICU on a morphine drip that wasn’t doing anything when the veterinarian and I agreed Dr. Christine was our last hope. I took her home that night and went to VIPS the very next day. On Tess’s first visit to Dr. Christine I had to carry her in because she couldn’t stand on her own. When she left she walked out by herself and has made great strides since. Dr. Christine suggested putting her on a dehydrated raw diet for weight loss. In 3 short months she has lost 14 pounds! That is almost 1/4 of her body weight. She went from 54 lbs to 40 lbs and is still losing about 1 lb per week without starving. She is off steroids and all pain meds, has switched her seizure meds, went on an anti-inflammatory med and receives regular chiropractic, acupuncture, and Magna Wave therapy. Her seizures are nearly non-existent now and she is able to move more normal than she has in years. She even ran the other day! She doesn’t cry out in pain anymore and her constant facial tremors have completely gone away. I can’t say enough for the service Dr. Christine provides. Her knowledge and care have given me my dog back for whatever time she has left and for that I will always be grateful.


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