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We have two Shih Tzu dogs, Toby and Sola. Toby is 14 years old and Sola just turned 8. A few years ago Sola was having pain in her back and hind legs, we took her to our veterinarian and they gave her pain shots but when the shot wore off she would be back in pain. I had heard that Dr Woodford used acupuncture for animals and because I have used it I wanted to see if it would help Sola. Dr Woodford was so very kind and gentle with her, she was very thorough and assured us there was no permanent damage and proceeded to give her treatment including acupuncture. Sola showed immediate relief and did not have pain or issues of showing it after the treatment. We did some followup appointments but she was completely healed and back to regular activites. This past winter our older dog Toby started to show signs of not moving as well and not enjoying his walks. Sola also was showing some signs of not wanting to jump up from the floor to our laps etc. We again took both to Dr Woodford and she treated both of our dogs with gentle manipulation and acupuncture. Toby is much better, he does not act like he hurts as much and he has more agility. Sola is fine now, her tail is wagging and she is back to her favorite activitiy roaming our fenced back yard. I am so thankful that we have a caring doctor like Dr Woodford so close to our community, she gives renewed life to animals in need. We will be taking our dogs to her periodically to keep them mobile and to try and prevent a more serious issue.