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Hank, a year and a half old Great Dane, is very friendly with people, children and other dogs and is also one of the biggest lap dogs you’ll ever meet! At the end of July last year, Hank and Tony were at one of the local dog parks, interacting with some of the other people and their fur kids. Hank was running pretty fast, caught one of his front paws in a divot and ended up landing face first in the grass. Tony examined him immediately and Hank seemed fine. He actually got up and kept running around with the other dogs. Anthony and Tony continued to monitor Hank the next day, and he still seemed to be getting around like normal. On the second night, Hank seemed to have some discomfort and whimpered anytime he attempted to turn over, before finally falling asleep. Around 2:00 am, he was in extreme discomfort and was whimpering almost nonstop. Hank ended up being admitted to the Eastern Iowa Veterinary Specialty Center for an exam, was diagnosed with Soft Tissue Trauma and given medicine for pain relief. It was also advised to restrict his exercise/outdoor activity to bathroom breaks only, for the next 3-4 weeks. Tony had reached out to an old friend, Lauren Gronemeyer, who was working on completing Veterinary School. She also had a lot of experience with animals, from cats and dogs to birds and fish. She recommended taking Hank to see Dr. Woodford, for possible Chiropractic and Acupuncture care. After visiting the VIPS website and reading a handful of the testimonials, Anthony and Tony called to set up an appointment with Dr. Woodford.

Since his first appointment back in August of last year, Hank has seen Dr. Woodford for Chiropractic and Acupuncture care every 5-6 weeks, along with Magna Wave treatment during each appointment. This wave helps to regenerate damaged tissue and is effective in relieving muscle soreness.

Other than wanting to constantly walk around during the treatments, Hank has responded very well! His range of motion is getting better with each treatment. Hank’s neck, which was the area of most concern, has healed considerably.
At home, we work on range of motion exercises such as stretching his paws and legs. This tends to be easiest when Hank is sprawled out on the couch, sleeping. We simply take a paw or leg and gently move it around in a circular motion, to help stretch it out and increase blood flow to the tissues.

We couldn’t be happier with Dr. Woodford! She is very compassionate with her work and is a true advocate for all animals, big or small. Dr. Woodford is knowledgeable in what she does and is great with Hank. Carl, her assistant, is fantastic as well, and scheduling our appointments could not be easier thanks to her! We would recommend these two, paws down!


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