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Wrigley is my 3 year old Great Dane.  I’ve had him since he was 8 weeks old and he has always had a sensitive stomach.  But after a naughty episode of him eating some stuffing out of his dog bed in July 2015, he developed acid reflux.  In the initial stages, he would have two or three episodes per month.  The standard treatment is to use Pepcid AC tablets after the onset of an episode and then take the tablets for seven days to reduce the acid levels.  While this treatment did work to reduce his discomfort, he still had to suffer through the initial symptoms and while waiting for the medication to take effect.  It often took 1-2 hours between the onset of symptoms and the medication to provide relief for him.  And then to make matters worse, his acid reflux episodes started to increase in frequency.  It got to the point where he was experiencing 2-3 episodes per week. It was so frustrating and heartbreaking for me to watch him experience the pain and anxiety these episodes caused him.  So I took to the web and started reading everything I could find about causes and treatments for acid reflux in dogs.  I happened to come across two articles, written by two different holistic vets on the subject of acid reflux.  Both articles identified chiropractic adjustments and acupuncture as the only successful long term treatment for acid reflux in their patients.  I immediately thought of Dr. Christine, who I first met about 15 years ago when she was doing general equine medicine.  Dr. Christine had also done chiropractic and acupuncture on my Paint gelding many times when he was my active Eventing partner.  Wrigley has now had four appointments with Dr. Christine.  He had chiropractic, acupuncture and Magna Wave therapy performed each time.  We went two weeks in between his first and second session.  During that time he had two acid reflux episodes, but they only lasted 20 minutes each from start to finish.  We increased the gap to three weeks between the second and third session.  Wrigley then only had one episode, which lasted less than 10 minutes.  We went seven weeks between his third and fourth session.  And he did not have a single episode during that period! It’s now been 8 weeks without an episode and Wrigley and I are both thrilled and so grateful for Dr. Christine’s treatment!  While my initial goal was minimizing his symptoms and suffering, treatment has far surpassed that goal! And as an added bonus, in addition to treating the acid reflux, the treatments also made him feel so much better overall.  He is acting like a crazy puppy again!   We will continue to see Dr. Christine on a routine basis to keep Wrigley feeling his best!



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