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Jade, my 12 year old Corgi, has always been happy and healthy. Approximately a month ago she started dragging her right leg on Saturday and by the next day she had very limited use of both back legs. She would stand up but fall back down within a step or two. It was obvious she was losing use of both back legs, but did not seem in pain. Instead she seemed confused and unable to determine why her legs were not working as normal. I had worked with Dr. Christine Woodford in the past with my dressage horse Casey and she had done a few treatments on Jade, but that was many years go. I called Christine and she agreed to meet me on Monday at my office for treatment. I saw a canine veterinarian earlier that Monday who stated my dog had no reflex response in both back legs and my only options were surgery or euthanasia.

That afternoon Dr. Christine arrived at my office and started testing Jade’s reflexes to determine the extent of her injury. At that point she moved forward with treatment to include chiropractic, followed by acupuncture. Finally she used the Magna Wave treatment to compliment the acupuncture and chiropractic. The treatment was very quiet and peaceful, which kept Jade at ease. It was also very helpful that Dr. Christine could come to me for the treatment, acknowledging how important the treatment was for myself and Jade. By Tuesday Jade had begun to use both legs again and could stand on both legs longer than the previous day. By Wednesday she was back to 40% use of both back legs. We continued to do more treatments since then and have had no set backs. Jade is up to 80% use of both back legs with only some slight dragging of the one leg and occasionally she sits down unexpectedly. Dr. Christine also gave me a special diet to assist Jade in reducing her weight. She is not overweight, but we discussed how any additional weight on her spine and back legs is not helpful.

I cannot thank Dr. Christine enough for all of her hard work and knowledge about how her services can assist conditions like Jade’s. She provided a comprehensive care program that was affordable and did not require pain medications. Dr. Christine gave me options for treatment that did not include the permanent decision of surgery or euthanasia. Every day I see small improvements in Jade and I look forward to many more years with a healthy dog.


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