Prince and Nikko

Nikko and Prince

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Prince and Nikko earn their keep as trail horses. I noticed the boys were having some “problems”. I had used an equine chiropractor in Colorado. An internet search led me to Dr. Christine Woodford.

Prince, owned by Lisa K., was always mean and crabby towards his pasture mates. When Dr. Christine examined him she found his poll and TMJ to be out of alignment. She told me “imagine having a migraine every day”. Dr. Christine adjusted Prince and to my amazement he became a different horse. Prince was more relaxed and pleasant. He was no longer the pasture bully!

Nikko, owned by Teri J., was purchased as a yearling and came with a T-post scar on his right hindquarter. Nikko always held his tail clamped, was short strided, weak in the hindquarters and never bucked when playing with the other horses. After seeing Dr. Christine, Nikko has become free moving in the hind end and bucks and kicks with the other horses when playing! His hindquarters have also muscled up and filled out!

I have Dr. Christine come monthly and her adjustments keep all the boys feeling and looking great!


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