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Allie is a 12 year old Pinto. We enjoy trail riding. This winter Allie started to rush into her canter. She also would try to bite me when saddling. I wanted to rule out any physical pain. I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Christine for a chiropractic adjustment. Allie threw a fit during most of the time of her adjustment, tossing her head and pushing on me. Then Dr. Christine found just the right spot and Allie stood there perfectly still!

Allie is more comfortable when asked to canter. She is listening and responding. I am following the stretching exercises and using the neck stretcher to strengthen her back.

One of the things I like about Dr. Christine is her all-around knowledge of horses. While she was working on Allie we talked about how Allie acts out when I saddle her. From her behavior and our conversation, Dr. Christine thought it may be a behavioral problem. I feel very comfortable asking Dr. Christine her opinion as she has a wealth of practical and medical knowledge.


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