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Rhymer is a 10 year old Warmblood. I have had Rhymer about 6 months. Three months ago, he starting kicking out at the canter departs. He was visibly very tense and defensive in his back. He was reluctant to go forward. We could tell he was uncomfortable somewhere.

Dr Christine worked on Rhymer the end of December and adjusted his back and neck. She shared he was very tight, and sensitive in the SI joint area. He responded to the treatment immediately. Dr Christine put us on a program of 2 weeks of ground work, lounging him in a Pessoa balancing system, carrot stretches, followed by 2 weeks of long and low riding.

The next visit was at the end of January. Dr Christine commented on how much better Rhymer seemed even standing in the cross ties. He was not nearly as defensive of his back and had increased muscle tone on his top line.

Overall, I am so pleased with the results of the chiro work with my horse and I think he is a happier guy as well 🙂 Thank you again Dr Christine!


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