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Belle, our 11-year old lab, has been a patient of Dr. Christine’s for a few months. When we first took Belle to Dr. Christine, Belle could not walk, stand, or turn around without falling. She had no strength in her back legs due to arthritis.

Thanks to Dr. Christine’s chiropractic, acupuncture and magnawave treatments, Belle is once again able to do the things she loves to do–going on road trips and enjoying walks in the park. Belle’s quality of life is the life of a lab; exploring new sights and smells and accompanying us (her pack) on our adventures. Belle enjoys her therapy and is very calm during her visits due to the calm, nurturing nature of Dr. Christine.

Recently Belle injured her shoulder and was unable to put any weight on her left front leg. Dr. Christine treated Belle’s shoulder with acupuncture and magnawave. After the therapy, Belle was able to walk better and return to her daily routine.

In addition, we purchased the Help ‘Em Up Harness (www.helpemup.com) to assist us when Belle has difficulty getting up from the floor. The front handle and hip lift make it easy to for us to get Belle in and out of the car or up and down the steps while alleviating physical stress on us and Belle.

We are thrilled with the results Belle has achieved from Dr. Christine’s therapy. It is wonderful to see Belle actively enjoying her days as she did before arthritis limited her mobility.

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