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Paisley is an eight year old, female Boxer who shows in Confirmation, Obedience and Rally competitions. Early this spring, Paisley started vomiting with abdominal pain. She wouldn’t eat, didn’t feel well and rapidly lost weight. She was taken to her regular veterinarian and diagnosed with pancreatitis, an inflammation of the pancreas. A high fat diet is often an exasperating cause. Diagnostic radiographs revealed that Paisley had arthritis in her spine. She was given medication to alleviate her symptoms and put on a low fat diet with more exercise. There are no proven medications for pancreatitis and no cures.

Ruth was concerned about the arthritis in Paisley’s spine so she did some research into chiropractic and found Dr. Christine. Paisley was treated with chiropractic, acupuncture and Magna Wave therapies. She has shown a big improvement in her movement. Paisley even won “Best Veteran” in Conformation competition this summer!

Ruth stretches Paisley’s legs 3-4 times a week as Dr. Christine has shown her. She also does hiking and rally training with Paisley to augment Dr. Christine’s program. Paisley sees Dr. Christine on a monthly basis to keep her limber and feeling good!


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