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“We first met Dr. Christine in the early summer 2010 after a friend from our Mounted Shooting Horse club recommended her to us for our horses. Initially Dr. Christine worked on our son’s mare Breeze. Breeze at the time was a 10 year old very athletic mare; we had Chiropractic work done on her in the past but just were not seeing results so we made an appointment with Dr. Woodford. After the first treatment Breeze responded wonderfully and we saw large improvement in her movement and attitude. Later that summer Breeze was very stiff in a hind leg; we again made an appointment to have Dr. Christine adjust her but this time was different. Dr. Woodford noticed a change in Breeze that she felt needed to be looked at with x-rays etc. She put us in touch with a specialist in this area the next day. Breeze had a soft tissue injury in her right stifle that required an anti-inflammatory joint injection to heal. Thank God Dr. Woodford noticed it was more than a Chiropractic treatment needed at that time. Breeze healed completely, and remains in excellent health and shape by routine, chiropractic treatments by Dr. Christine.

Reo is another one of our Shooting horses that would not compete at the level she does without regular chiropractic treatments by Dr. Woodford. Click http://www.cmsaevents.com/index.cfm to learn more about the Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association.

Our horses are not only used in Cowboy Mounted Shooting, they also are used for pleasure riding at home. Keeping them healthy by using Veterinary Integrative Performance Services by Dr. Christine Woodford has enabled our horses to perform better and I believe be happier companions/partners.”

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