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A few years ago while hiking, I heard my 4 year old Vizsla yelp and come back to me hobbling on 3 legs. I rested him for a week and a half and when he did not fully recover, I suspected a cruciate rupture. I took him to my veterinarian and she did all the tests to conclude his knee was fine. I was still noticing a minor gait abnormality in his movement. Still concerned about an injury, I took him to ISU for an appointment with an orthopedist. The orthopedist could not diagnose anything wrong with Phil. He sent in a neurologist to look at him and after spending 3 hours with him, walking up and down the halls, up and down stairs, turning circles, etc., he concluded he most likely had a lumbar spinal injury. He suggested I get an MRI and a myelenectomy which “could help or may make it worse.” I would be spending almost $2000 to give my dog surgery on an undiagnosed condition that may have made him worse. No thanks. I opted to contact Dr. Woodford and bring Phil in for acupuncture. After Phil’s first appointment, I noticed immediately that his gait abnormality was gone. After 2 visits he was looking better than ever. I can now notice in Phil’s gait when he is in need of a chiropractic or acupuncture adjustment. It is almost a night and day difference in his general attitude, appetite, sleep quality, and movement after every appointment with Dr. Christine. I am so glad I opted for this method of allowing the body to heal itself, rather than a drastic and expensive surgery. Phil is 7 years old now and still acts like a teenager. I am so glad that with Dr. Christine’s help I have been able to keep my best friend feeling his best.


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