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Just wanted to thank you for the chiropractic treatment you gave Evan earlier this week. Got to ride him for the first time since our visit and he was FANTASTIC! I didn’t have to do any of my usual tricks to keep him balanced. And, since he was more balanced he seemed more relaxed. So, despite the wind rattling everything around, he didn’t spook once. And, he was very quick to round up and get to work. During our whole ride he was stretching down and reaching for the bit. It normally takes at least 45 minutes to get him there and he was responding as soon as I picked up the reins. It even seemed like he was moving his shoulders differently. It felt like he was reaching more out in front of him. He even rounded during his canter. He’s NEVER done that. Its something I’ve been fighting with him about all Winter. Honestly, he just felt like a whole new horse.

Since the only thing I’ve done new this week is bring him over to you, I’m assuming you must be to thank for my thoroughly enjoyable ride this morning.

Thanks Again!

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