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We first brought our 8 year old English bulldog, Ginger to Dr. Woodford in May of 2012. Our main concern at that point was her mobility. She suffers from arthritis and was limping and seemed to be in some discomfort. Our vet, Dr. Bergfeld suggested Dr. Woodford’s medical expertise.

At our first meeting Dr. Woodford did a thorough exam. We discussed Ginger’s other health issues including seasonal allergies. On that first visit we did it all, chiropractic adjustment, acupuncture and magnawave therapy. Ginger tolerated it all extremely well.

We went home hoping to see some improvement in her mobility. We were amazed as Ginger’s health improved in all areas. Not only was she more mobile, her energy level increased and her breathing improved significantly. After her treatments she practically jumps into the car. She enjoys playing and running around the farm again.

The acupuncture has helped with her allergies. She does not need as much medication as in previous years. She breathes easier and sleeps more soundly at night. In fact, her snoring has diminished. This is a benefit to the whole family!

Dr. Woodford’s expertise and treatments have given Ginger a new lease on life. We are extremely grateful and would highly recommend her services. Ginger agrees.

With appreciation, Deb Burgess

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