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Lucky is a beloved family pet. He is an 11 ½ yr. old Bichon/Maltese cross. Back in October Lucky had sudden onset of loss of function in his rear legs. We took Lucky to our vet for x-rays. The x-rays showed spinal disease, herniated discs, common to his breed. This was causing the paralysis. Our vet gave us the option of kennel rest or surgery. Surgery would be hard on Lucky, due to his age. It is also very expensive. So we opted for 3 weeks kennel rest and medication.

A friend told us about Dr. Christine. Dr. Christine treated Lucky with chiropractic, acupuncture and Magna Wave. Lucky saw Dr. Christine every week for 3 weeks. Every week Lucky showed improvement and gained back the use of his rear legs! He is still a little wobbly and lacks control at times but he is able to walk and run.

We carefully monitor Lucky’s activity at home. Dr. Christine has suggested no steps or jumping on and off furniture. We are surprised and elated that the treatments have worked so well!


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