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Nushka is a three year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback. She shows in conformation. When Nushka was 13 months old she suffered a broken leg. She had surgery and had a plate put in to aid in aligning the bones. It was a long road to healing for Nushka. Muriel, Nushka’s owner, sought out physical therapy and rehab from some of the best veterinary practices throughout the Midwest. Despite Muriel’s extra efforts, as the leg had healed, it still turned out slightly and Nushka was stiff gaited.

After a year of searching for therapies to help Nushka, Muriel found Dr. Christine in April of 2014. After a lengthy discussion of the case history, Dr. Christine referred Nushka to Dr. McCauley, DVM at TOPS Veterinary Rehabilitation in Grayslake, IL. Dr. McCauley, one of the leading veterinarians in the nation in canine rehabilitation, found Nushka had several areas of muscle and joint strain from compensating after she broke her leg, including a strained iliopsoas muscle in the left groin area. Dr. McCauley recommended continued chiropractic and acupuncture therapy with Dr. Christine and specific strength building exercises for Nushka to do at home.

Nushka has had a long road to recovery but Muriel has always persisted in finding the best therapies to aid Nushka. Muriel is now starting to see all her dedication pay off as Nushka is standing straighter and traveling much more comfortably.


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