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Dr. Woodford has a reputation of being one of the best horse veterinarians in the state of Iowa. She is very forward thinking and is an equine dentist. To me having a veterinarian who is also an equine dentist is very important, especially with an older horse. Red was a rescue and had never had any dental work done in his entire life. His mouth was a mess and he had some past issues coming out of the sedation. Dr. Woodford was able to sedate Red to the point where he was comfortable with the procedure but not overly sedated. Having his teeth floated was a much more comfortable procedure for Red and it also allowed Dr. Woodford to do a good job because Red was comfortable.

Dr. Woodford does a tremendous job! She is very kind and gentle. For me, it is important when administering sedation that Dr. Woodford was a veterinarian. Secondly, she has the training to handle a problem if something should go wrong. This is especially important with an older horse.

In addition, her equipment seemed to be much more up to date and gentler looking than other equipment I have seen in the past. Her love for animals is apparent and she treats your animal with kindness and respect.

Red left this world on December 1, 2014. I choose to use the phrase we “set him free”. It was devastating for us.


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