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It was love at first sight when we met Lily, a sweet 11-year old American Eskimo mix. Lily was found as a stray in Florida. She made her way to Iowa thanks to Last Hope Rescue. She was living in foster care for about a year before we adopted her in January. Lily is deaf due to an untreated ear infection and has cataracts in both eyes. She has nerve damage to her front legs and ACL damage to her back legs. She also broke one of her back legs.

After observing Lily walk, we knew Lily could benefit from Dr. Christine’s services. Dr. Christine provided treatment to our first dog, Belle. Lily was very stiff when Dr. Christine first examined her. However, after just a couple treatments, Lily was walking much better and was able to sit (something she could not do before). With Dr. Christine’s treatments, Lily has improved her mobility so she can just be a dog and enjoy a dog’s life of exploring her environment, following the trail of a good scent and walking with her pack. The combination of Lily’s unyielding spirit and determination and Dr. Christine’s expertise and care have led to a high quality of life for a former stray from Florida.


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