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Sage is an aged gelding that sustained an injury to his shoulder in February. His veterinarian diagnosed him with Sweeney. Sweeney shoulder in horses occurs when there is damage to the suprascapular nerve that controls the Supraspinatus, Infraspinatus and Triceps muscles. Injury causes atrophy or “wasting away” of the muscles


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  Viper is a 4year old, American Quarter Horse shown in Reining. He has been occasionally “off” ever since he was a weanling. In 2014, Viper was diagnosed with navicular. We have attempted several treatments, all with varying degrees of success. Nothing has shown a change in him as quickly

Vinnie and Dierks

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Anmial Name: Vinnie 3 year old wp gelding, Dierks 6 year old all around qh gelding Description of Services: I sought your services for issues with Dierks being sore and not always being sound. Then was such a great service that after I lost Dierks continued to bring vinnie so


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Jade is a big, beautiful, grey Quarter Horse. She is 5 years old and Susan shows her in Western and English. We started seeing Jade in July of 2014 when she was tripping a lot and lame upfront. Susan felt like Jade’s shoulders were out. When Dr. Christine examined Jade


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I first met Dr. Christine at the Iowa horse fair a few years ago. I had just bought my AQHA mare “Vega” a few months prior. I was having a hard time getting Vega to transition smoothly from a trot to a lope. Dr. Christine was giving a clinic and

Penny and Reno

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Penny, our 8 year old AQHA/APHA mare, was diagnosed with navicular syndrome at age 5. From the initial diagnosis, Dr. Christine has been an integral part of our strategy to manage the disease, alleviate the pain and slow the progression. We believe in the application of traditional veterinary medicine as


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Last fall I purchased a 19 year old retired rope horse that I wanted to use on trails. He is a registered paint but looks all Quarter Horse. His name is Neo. My best friend had him since he was 3. She has been roping on him all the time


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Dr. Woodford has a reputation of being one of the best horse veterinarians in the state of Iowa. She is very forward thinking and is an equine dentist. To me having a veterinarian who is also an equine dentist is very important, especially with an older horse. Red was a

Red River Ranch

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Dr Woodford has been taking care of my horses and horses in my care for several years. I can honestly say that without Dr Woodford on “our team” our horses would not be as successful as they have been. Whether it is diagnoses of lameness and chiropractic treatments, acupuncture or


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My name is Elyse Buysse and I am 15 years old. My horse AJ is a 7 year old buckskin gelding. This is my 5th year of showing horses. This winter I participated in the Kirkwood Community College Student Saddle Club Winter Series horse shows at the Iowa Equestrian Center