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Three years ago, I purchased a rescued OTTB who had been retrained as a hunter. When Ritz was delivered to the stable, we all were taken aback by this skeletal patchwork of a 16.3 Thoroughbred that carefully backed out of the trailer. Never wasting resources, the stable owner had Ritz

Buckles awards

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Satuday, October 27, 2012 was last Sort and Pen event for the season at Shelbyville, MO. Buckles were awarded for the fastest time of the night and it just so happened that the team that won were all 3 horses that Dr. Christine Woodford works on and keeps in good


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Two years ago I was having some problems with my barrel horse, Orville. I came to Dr. Christine and she treated him with chiropractic and acupuncture. It really helped him to relax, stretch and help pin point some other issues. He was working well and feeling great. I wanted to


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Just wanted to thank you for the chiropractic treatment you gave Evan earlier this week. Got to ride him for the first time since our visit and he was FANTASTIC! I didn’t have to do any of my usual tricks to keep him balanced. And, since he was more balanced

Western Pleasure Horse

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We have been perplexed for the last year or so with a very talented young western pleasure horse that would occasionally exhibit a “short” or “lazy” step at the jog. We had his hocks and stifles x-rayed and even sent off to a specialist. Nothing physically could be found to


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Mia is a 14 year old QH mare. I’ve had her since she was born. So needless to say she is very special to me and yes a little spoiled. She is normally a very sweet girl, so last May 2015 when she was cranky and started rubbing her head


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Last year at the World Show, we got down there and Roy just wasn’t quite “right”. I had called my husband the night before my main class and said I didn’t think I’d get him shown as he was not feeling himself. It’s a lot on these horses (trailering for


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Over the years I have had the opportunity to work with a lot of great horses and some fantastic equine support staff. After all these years, I consider most show horses pretty easy to manage and keep in the condition physically and mentally to perform their best. That is, until


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Our family has been using the services of Veterinary Integrative Performance Services (VIPs) for over 7 years now. We cannot thank Christine Woodford, the certified animal chiropractor and acupuncturist, enough for how she has made our horses and dogs life more comfortable through her services. Jay, our 16year old POA


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Sage is an aged gelding that sustained an injury to his shoulder in February. His veterinarian diagnosed him with Sweeney. Sweeney shoulder in horses occurs when there is damage to the suprascapular nerve that controls the Supraspinatus, Infraspinatus and Triceps muscles. Injury causes atrophy or “wasting away” of the muscles