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We have two Shih Tzu dogs, Toby and Sola. Toby is 14 years old and Sola just turned 8. A few years ago Sola was having pain in her back and hind legs, we took her to our veterinarian and they gave her pain shots but when the shot wore off she would be back … Read more "Toby and Sola"

Jan Smethurst

VIPsvet is very fortunate to be able to treat Lindsay’s whole critter family! Lindsay first came to visit us for saddle fit issues and now brings all her horses for at least a yearly adjustment. Lindsay believes all her horses ride much better when maintained by Dr. Christine’s adjustments. She also does stretches for them … Read more "Vegas, Joey, Rhett and Ruby"


Kathy first sought our services in May of 2016. Beth suddenly was not placing well at the shows. A judge noticed Beth’s back was not flat. Kathy came to see Dr. Christine for treatment. Beth responded well to treatment and is back to winning in the show ring!


Our 13 year old Golden had been receiving acupuncture for arthritis and a progressive disease called degenerative myelopathy (weakness in the rear end) in Anchorage Alaska. This fall we made the move to Mount Vernon Iowa. Knowing I would need to find “India” a veterinarian who could provide her with treatment, I began my search … Read more "India"

Nancy & Jerry Niederhauser
Buddy Treatment

In 2015 Buddy began to have back pain. We woke in the middle of the night to him struggling to breathe and move. We took him to Key West Animal Clinic in Dubuque where he was put on pain medication. Dr. Kim recommended taking Buddy to see a chiropractor in Dyersville, Iowa. We took him … Read more "Buddy"

Ashley and Jason Lange

Our 13 year old Golden had been receiving acupuncture for arthritis and a progressive disease called degenerative myelopathy (weakness in the rear end) in Anchorage Alaska. This fall we made the move to Mount Vernon Iowa. Knowing I would need to find “India” a veterinarian who could provide her with treatment, I began my search … Read more "India"

Nancy & Jerry Niederhauser

In 2015 Buddy began to have back pain. We woke in the middle of the night to him struggling to breathe and move. We took him to Key West Animal Clinic in Dubuque where he was put on pain medication. Dr. Kim recommended taking Buddy to see a chiropractor in Dyersville, Iowa. We took him … Read more "Buddy"

Ashley and Jason Lange

Wrigley is my 3 year old Great Dane.  I’ve had him since he was 8 weeks old and he has always had a sensitive stomach.  But after a naughty episode of him eating some stuffing out of his dog bed in July 2015, he developed acid reflux.  In the initial stages, he would have two … Read more "Wrigley"

Jen Bowden

Hannah Mae is a 10 year old German Short Hair Pointer. Hannah started seeing Dr. Christine in late October. Her back right leg would shake frequently. When the left leg started to shake too I began to think she may have a pinched nerve. I asked my chiropractor if he knew of a chiropractor for … Read more "Hannah"

Shirley Jenson

Lulu spent the first 4 years of her life in a hoarder’s dark shed filled with uncountable other dogs and in filthy conditions without any human contact. The Humane Society rescued the dogs and Lulu was one of the group who’s physical health was stable enough to be given a chance for adoption. She was adopted … Read more "Lulu"

Saskia Melchert

“We are so grateful to Dr. Christine for saving our dog’s life. Last fall, our vibrant and energetic, 8 year old Border Collie, Amy, had become very weak. She was not steady on her feet, could not walk up or down stairs, and had to be fed lying down. Her head was tilted to one … Read more "Amy"


Our dog Olive, a mix of Poodle and Shih Tzu, was almost 13 years old before receiving a combination of chiropractic care and Petthrive soft chews. After having had the chiropractic care and Petthrive, she seems more like 13 years young. Her mobility, disposition, and energy level have noticeably improved. It is our intention to … Read more "Olive"

Kathy Conlon

We first brought our 8 year old English bulldog, Ginger to Dr. Woodford in May of 2012. Our main concern at that point was her mobility. She suffers from arthritis and was limping and seemed to be in some discomfort. Our vet, Dr. Bergfeld suggested Dr. Woodford’s medical expertise. At our first meeting Dr. Woodford … Read more "Ginger"

Deb Burgess

Theresa Wilson and CH KOTUR’S Riche and Royale I did it! I bred the most competitive conformation French Bulldog I’d seen in years in just two generations. KOTUR’s Riche and Royale is as close to the written standard as any Frenchie I’ve seen. He has a classic head, substantial bone, the perfect Frenchie silhouette, and … Read more "Royale"


Belle, our 11-year old lab, has been a patient of Dr. Christine’s for a few months. When we first took Belle to Dr. Christine, Belle could not walk, stand, or turn around without falling. She had no strength in her back legs due to arthritis. Thanks to Dr. Christine’s chiropractic, acupuncture and magnawave treatments, Belle … Read more "Belle"

Jackie and Rick Mason

Christine, Thank you, thank you, thank you! What a difference you made in our little guy Buddy. Buddy is a 2-year-old Schnoodle who had a nervous tick for the last month. He moved his head up and down in rapid movements. Our regular vet suggest we bring Buddy to a chiropractor, that he might have … Read more "Buddy"

Kim B - Buddy's mommy

Thanks to Dr. Woodford’s chiropractic care and acupuncture treatments our dog Lily did not have to have major spinal surgery. Regular chiropractic and acupuncture treatments have improved Lily’s quality of life and her disposition. We have peace of mind knowing that Lily feels better and is getting the care she needs to stay health.

Ernie & Betty Smith

Riley is a 10 year old rescued Dachshund. In January, Riley could not lift or move his head at the neck without screaming in severe pain. We would carry him outside to do his business where he also would have major discomfort. After using heat therapy and pain medication, with little relief, we sought out … Read more "Riley"

Debbie Derby Pickens

Hi, my name is Becky Thompson  and I’m from Forest City, IA. I can’t say enough great things about Dr. Christine. She came into my life at a time when I thought there was no hope for my 13 year old Beagle Molly. Molly is an active beagle. She still acts like a pup and loves … Read more "Molly"

Becky Thompson

I can’t begin to describe the change in my 11 year old corgi, Tess, since beginning to see Dr. Christine at the start of February. I took her to Dr. Christine because I had run out of options for a good quality of life with traditional veterinary care. She was extremely overweight from long term … Read more "Tess"

Stephanie Howard

Chickie has been seeing Dr. Christine since she was 4 months old. She goes monthly for routine treatments. Being a large dog and one of many in the household, the playing and romping can get quite rough. Monthly treatments have kept Chickie very well balanced and healthy looking when she exhibits her winning gait at … Read more "Chickie"

Muriel Wood

It is hard for anyone to understand- if they haven’t had a pet before- that pets are family. For us, this really became a view in our lives at the end of March of 2016. Flash, the family Bassett hound, suddenly could no longer use his back legs. He was an old man, yes, but … Read more "Flash"

Kaitlyn & Ryan Schilling

Montana (on the right, with her buddy Chevy) is a typical 7 year old Corgi, active and happy. We see another dog for Melissa, so when Montana acutely came down with a painful neck she quickly made an appointment for Montana. This video shows how Montana presented to us on February 22. Notice Montana … Read more "Montana"


Natalie Spinsby and her Shetland Sheepdog, Fire, have been selected as one of 10 children and 13 dogs to compete on the 2016 European Open Junior Agility Championship team. They will travel to Slovakia in July to represent the United States. The US is one of 9 countries competing at EOJ championships. Natalie and Fire … Read more "Fire"

Natalie Spinsby

Piston is a 10 year old, Pembroke Welsh Corgi. About 5 years ago, Piston fell in an open register hole in our house – we were refinishing wood floors. After he fell in, he took off running again. I didn’t give it much thought until a few days later, when he wouldn’t put any weight … Read more "Piston"

LinAnn Lauer

We rescued Fletch in March of 2015 at the age of about 10 weeks old. He was in rough shape, having spent much of his life in a cage. He was malnourished, had little use of his back legs due to atrophy, plus he had a case of mange that left his immune system so … Read more "Fletch"

The Dummermuth Family

Besides being a wonderful family pet, Johnny is a great agility dog! He visits Dr. Christine a few times a year to stay fit and comfortable for his agility competitions. Thanks Dr. Christine!  


I took my Great Dane, Earl, to Dr. Christine in June. He was having trouble with a dropped vertebra, just behind his hips. She gave him an adjustment and acupuncture along with Magna Wave treatment. Earl loves his visits and feels so much better afterwards. He is able to “feel” his feet and dances out … Read more "Earl"

Heather Stroud

We wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the outcome of our visits. As you know, our 13 year old, female, Dachshund, Emily, had been having serious back issues for 3 months. These problems lead to a significant loss of control of her back two legs. This impacted her ability to walk … Read more "Emily"

Suzan Limaye

Emma is a seven year old Dachshund. She is the beloved pet of Don and Verlene Hanson. Like most Doxies, Emma is happy and active. In June, Emma injured her neck. Verlene found her with her back hunched, unable to turn her neck and head down, nose on the ground. Emma was also crying out … Read more "Emma"


Hally is a happy, active Chocolate Lab. She is 11 years old and the pet of Kelly Shoudy. This past winter Hally slipped on the ice and began limping on her front leg. Kelly took Hally to the veterinarian. She was given doggy ibuprofen. It helped some but Hally still limped. Another trip back to … Read more "Hally"

Kelly Shoudy

Joe is an 11 year old Boxer who is a part of our family. Easter weekend, Joe couldn’t get up, eat or go outside to potty by himself. We took Joe to our veterinarian who diagnosed him with Canine Degenerative Myelopathy. CDM is a progressive disease of the spinal cord and presents with hind leg … Read more "Joe"


It was love at first sight when we met Lily, a sweet 11-year old American Eskimo mix. Lily was found as a stray in Florida. She made her way to Iowa thanks to Last Hope Rescue. She was living in foster care for about a year before we adopted her in January. Lily is deaf … Read more "Lily"

Jackie Mason

Hi! I’m Gage. I am a Deutsch Langhaar. I love to hunt pheasants, ducks, rabbits and just about anything else that runs! Last spring I hurt my iliopsoas muscle. I don’t know what that is, but it hurt when I ran and played. My mom talked to some people who said Dr. Christine could help … Read more "Gage"

Cathy Buenzow

Lucky is a beloved family pet. He is an 11 ½ yr. old Bichon/Maltese cross. Back in October Lucky had sudden onset of loss of function in his rear legs. We took Lucky to our vet for x-rays. The x-rays showed spinal disease, herniated discs, common to his breed. This was causing the paralysis. Our … Read more "Lucky"


Nushka is a three year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback. She shows in conformation. When Nushka was 13 months old she suffered a broken leg. She had surgery and had a plate put in to aid in aligning the bones. It was a long road to healing for Nushka. Muriel, Nushka’s owner, sought out physical therapy and rehab … Read more "Nushka"


Paisley is an eight year old, female Boxer who shows in Confirmation, Obedience and Rally competitions. Early this spring, Paisley started vomiting with abdominal pain. She wouldn’t eat, didn’t feel well and rapidly lost weight. She was taken to her regular veterinarian and diagnosed with pancreatitis, an inflammation of the pancreas. A high fat diet … Read more "Paisley"

Bernard and Ruth

Minnie Mouse is a 10 year old black, Pug. She was hit by a car when she was 4 months old and broke her hip. Minnie healed with only some slight stiffness in her hip. We knew as she aged she would have some problems with mobility. This spring, I noticed Minnie’s back leg dragging. … Read more "Minnie Mouse"

Deb Vesperman

Jade, my 12 year old Corgi, has always been happy and healthy. Approximately a month ago she started dragging her right leg on Saturday and by the next day she had very limited use of both back legs. She would stand up but fall back down within a step or two. It was obvious she … Read more "Jade"

Ali Hayford

Hank, a year and a half old Great Dane, is very friendly with people, children and other dogs and is also one of the biggest lap dogs you’ll ever meet! At the end of July last year, Hank and Tony were at one of the local dog parks, interacting with some of the other people … Read more "Hank"

Tony Kobusch and Anthony Brown

Sam is a happy and active 8 year old Golden Retriever. Sam loves to chase birds and romp on the beach. Susan is a balloonist and Sam rides along in the chase vehicle. In 2011 Sam was involved in a car accident when the balloon chase vehicle she was riding in was struck by another … Read more "Sam"


My name is Mary Erschen and my husband and I own FidoFit in Dubuque, Iowa. FidoFit is a structured daycare and boarding facility featuring an indoor canine fitness gym with pet specific equipment. Our gym services are enjoyed by dogs of all ages, sizes and abilities. It was thrilling for our business when we met … Read more "Bowsky"

Mary Erschen

Daisy Mae is a 6 year old English Mastiff. When she was quite young, she had two surgeries on the same back leg so there have always been issues with that particular leg. We had been taking Daisy to FidoFit in Dubuque for physio therapy (which has been wonderful). Mary at FidoFit suggested we try … Read more "Daisy Mae"

Kim Brandt

My 12 year-old Pug, Ziggy was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and arthritis many years ago. To ensure the best quality of life in his golden years, I take him to Dr. Christine Woodford. Her treatments consist of a chiropractic adjustment, acupuncture and Magna Wave. Ziggy can walk poorly due to his hip problems and arthritis, … Read more "Ziggy"

Meghan Brewer

Mackie is a 12 year old female boxer who came to Dr. Christine for help with tight hips and lack of mobility in her neck. With one treatment she was able to fully move her head side to side and her cervical spine was able to lengthen so she could hold her head high. Due … Read more "Mackie"


Around the end of May, 2012, our Cocker Spaniel, Maggie developed an immune-mediated disease. Her little body began attacking itself. She went from walking 5 or 6 half mile trips around the block to barely making it to the end of our street. We were lucky that we caught it in time but the treatment … Read more "Maggie"

Mike and Shelley Massell

In January Izzy and I were playing tug-o-war on the bed. She caught her foot in a blanket and yelped. This must have been the straw that broke the camels back so to speak. When I took Izzy to her veterinarian, he said she had disc pain. We tried a round of steriod shots. My … Read more "Izzy"

Susan Kedley

We had been to 4 different vets and they had all told us, Zoi our 6 year old Maltese would never walk again. In November 2012 Zoi started acting stoved up and stiff, within two days she went from stiff to not being able to move her back legs. We had multiple xrays, and a … Read more "Zoi"


A few years ago while hiking, I heard my 4 year old Vizsla yelp and come back to me hobbling on 3 legs. I rested him for a week and a half and when he did not fully recover, I suspected a cruciate rupture. I took him to my veterinarian and she did all the … Read more "Phil"


I have known Dr. Woodford from when she previously worked with Dr. Abraham. Knowing that she now practiced Chiropractic and Acupuncture, when our 6 year old, rescue Boston Terrier, Molly, needed help, I called Dr. Woodford. Molly was not socialized properly as a youngster and gets leary and worried about strangers. Initially, she was worried, but … Read more "Molly"

Susan Haupt

A stiff, old Lady, owned by a stiff, old Lady I work at PetSmart in Dubuque and have a lot of dealings with the Jackson County Humane Society. In September of 2011, the president invited me to see their facility. When we got to the quarantine kennels, I met “her.” She was a 9 year … Read more "Nubby"

Jane Wickler

In March of 2012, our 13 year old Maltese / Miniature Schnauzer dog, Chance, started experiencing problems walking with his hind legs. His legs would slide apart when he would stand. He started walking with a “hump back” and he was obviously experiencing discomfort. We took him to our local vet. After x-ray and evaluation, … Read more "Chance"


In December, 2011, Choju, our almost 3 year old Akita, had been been out playing with my husband.  There was some light snow on the ground, but the walks were cleared.  She ran up the deck steps to go inside in a hurry for that treat she knew she would get.  Halfway up the steps, … Read more "Choju"


We have a 9 year old mixed breed dog named Franklin that has been treated by Dr. Christine Woodford at VIPsvet. Franklin’s initial issue was a significant periodic limp from his right front leg that started in the spring of 2012. The approach was 4-fold: acupuncture, magnawave, prescribed stretching exercises (during office visits and daily … Read more "Franklin"